February 4, 2013 - Of Things Created

Of Things Created

"Can you make a thing that has more rights or greater authority than what you have?” 

Can something you create become your ruler? At best you can make it your equal, but even that remains your choice. So, too, is it your choice to surrender your rights to it, such that you now serve it.

To surrender one’s God-given rights to a “thing” we have created is, in my opinion, what makes idolatry so repulsive to our Creator.

Time tested and established Maxims of Law state this principle as follows:

The power which is derived cannot be greater than that from which it is derived.” 

A delegated authority cannot be again delegated.” 

In other words, that which is created can never be greater than its creator.

In a real situation, people create government by electing, employing, and empowering other people to provide a service to them. It is for this reason that government employees are referred to as “public servants”—they serve our needs. 

This would be true in our present situation too, if we had a legitimate election process. We do not. We are being deceived, fooled into believing that we are electing others to govern the affairs and resources of this nation for us. 

Think about this—it is only those that are granted “citizenship” by the government who have the right to vote. A “citizen” is a legal entity created by government. It is not a human being. We ought not seek permission to vote from our servants, we have the right because we are human beings.

We have been fooled into believing that our vote counts for something when, in fact, we have a corporation that has established itself by a fraudulent process, using legal “persons,” in place of human beings. These corporations then are not subject to the people or to any constitution, but are unfettered in doing whatever serves their needs or purposes. We are pawns, being used as ATM’s to finance their wishes.

Is that what you want? 

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