December 28, 2013 - The Legal Person

The Legal Person

"Persons are of two classes only—natural persons and legapersons...The only legal person known to our form of law is the corporation - the body politic." Hague v. The Cancer Relief & Research Institute [1939] 4 D.L.R.191

Any other class of "person" is illegal or unknown to their "form of law"—Federal and Provincial Acts and statutes—and outside the their jurisdiction.

PERSON - "From 13th Century Latin persona = “the (fictional) legal character representing an individual HUMAN BEING or CORPORATION by CONSENT ". Person is a key rule of Law describing a fundamental legal fiction—that is any individual or formal organization subject to the Curia (courts) or lesser courts. Providing consent is given without duress, legally an individual, a corporation and even a nation may be considered a PERSON and therefore subject to the principles of common law and commercial (maritime) law of the Vatican/Roman Cult. Legally, the name assigned to a Person must always be in CAPITALS to distinguish a "person" from a free man or free society." Copyright 2010 UCADIA 2009. All rights reserved.

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