September 8, 2012 - Agent or Private?

Agent or Private?
I went to the bank the other day to make a withdrawal and learned that any withdrawal over a certain sum, which I think is $1000, requires that you show one or two pieces of identification. Yes, it needs to be government issued ID. 

Are you aware that any time you present government issued ID you are presenting evidence that you are either an agent for that government or you are performing a function of government. In other words that activity or transaction is being performed by you under the employ of the government and the government then has jurisdiction in that affair. It's like a badge, proving your status, with Ontario or Canada or whatever as the one giving you authority to access your account. You acknowledge that you are a legal person and not a man or a woman having natural rights which exceed that of any government.

In the case of R. v. Dell, 2005 ABCA 246, a bouncer was charged by Dell with violated his charter rights when the bouncer detained him at a night club. The court ruled that, since he was not acting as an agent of the government nor was he performing a function of government at the time he detained Dell therefore the government and it's statutes had no jurisdiction.

It's time we pursue a private bank or a private bank account to keep the government, who are acting as agents for the Banksterswillingly or by coercionout of our affairs.

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