September 14, 2012 - Bicycles Ticketed?

Bicyclists Ticketed?
I hear of bicyclists being given traffic tickets for violating the Highway Traffic Act. Do cyclists have money to waste? I wish people would not fall for this revenue scam. The courts, with the police, are defrauding us.

When riding our bikes, are we engaged in a licenced activity? (Hint - No) If asked, do not voluntarily surrender any government issued identification (GID)—we’re not required to do so while engaged in a non-licenced activity. If we do hand over GID, we’ll be admitting to being the legal entity who’s "all caps" name is on that ID document. They can do whatever they like to legal entities but not to humans.

Our ignorance of the difference between law and statutes is what allows ‘them’ to do as they please—taking our property ($).

Statutes are binding only on legal entities which are known in statutory courts as a "person." Don’t confuse the fact that we refer to each other out on the street as “persons." In legal circles they speak legalese not English as we know it. It’s designed to confuse us into giving our money to them.

We’re being ticketed because most people will just pay the fine. Well, just don’t. 

Provincial Offenses Court is a court created by legislature to deal with all those legal entities which legislators have created. It has nothing to do with the Rule of Law or human-kind—unless we consent, tacitly or willingly, to be under it’s jurisdiction.

There’s lots of things to unlearn and very little real Law to learn. Past blogs will teach and equip us with the knowledge we need to defend ourselves from fraud. 

Read. Learn. Fight the ticket!

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