October 5, 2012 - Unbelievable!


Over the past 3 years I have been to various Ontario courts (Provincial Offences Court (6X), Ontario Court of Appeal (3X), Osgoode Hall (1X), and Tax Court (Federal) (1X)) to fight minor offences, in different cities, and each time these justices of the peace and these judges have completely and blatantly ignored common law defences (despite drawing in section 81 of the POA), they’ve ignored every defence that would demand a not guilty ruling, miss quoted me, and used issues in their ruling against me that I have not raised in my defence. It’s not about justice in these courts, it’s about politics.

The only conclusions I can come to are that either some (?) of our judiciary are ignorant or corrupt, or they are justified because they assume us to be legal persons to which they can do whatever they like. In other words, those who appear in these courts must on necessity be legal persons which have no natural/human rights. They convict the person, not the human.

My resolve to date? 

I’ll not voluntarily set foot in another court created by or governed by legislature in this country unless I know I’ve done injury to someone or failed to fulfil an obligation. After all, I am a man, I am not a person.

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