October 23, 2012 - Given, Family and Legal Names

Given, Family and Legal Names

The name you give, when asked, may determine, for others, who you are... or what you are—a man/woman or legal entity referred to statutes as a ‘person.'

For example, take the name "John David Smith” it could be better written "John-David Smith" and is most often found as "JOHN DAVID SMITH" or “SMITH, JOHN DAVID.” What is the difference between these styles?

At birth, you were really only given one name be it John or John-David. the later is hyphenated to represent one name rather than two since you are only one. You were not given a last name or a surname that just happen to come with the group, clan or house into which you were born. It was acquired, not given. Regardless of whether it is called a last name or surname, it is not a name as far as a man or woman is concerned, its an adjective much like a red car. You don’t have a red, you have a car that happens to be red. 

In any legal transaction, be it a court appearance or signing a legal document, regardless of how your name is written, only give/use your given name as your identifier. 

The combined "first and last” name was created by the government when the event of your birth was register. This combination represents a legal entity, a fiction of law; government only has authority over legal entities which they have created. By using the name they created you make joinder for them. You are automatically taken to be a legal entity they created and one over which they have authority.

Check out how people such as Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, a Pope, or Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands sign their names:

Notice the given name! Where are the “last names”?

They don’t/didn’t use “last names” on official documents, we shouldn’t either… unless you want to or need to be a legal entity—a person—for a particular purpose...

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