November 3, 2012 - The Responsibilities of Persons

The Responsibilities of the Person

This is a partial list of statutes and those to whom they pertain:

Driver’s licence
32.  (1)  No person shall drive a motor vehicle on a highway unless the motor vehicle is within a class of motor vehicles in respect of which the person holds a driver’s licence issued to him or her under this Act. R.S.O. 1990, c. H.8, s. 32 (1).

Unpasteurized or unsterilized milk
18.  (1)  No person shall sell, offer for sale, deliver or distribute milk or cream that has not been pasteurized or sterilized in a plant that is licensed under the Milk Act or in a plant outside Ontario that meets the standards for plants licensed under the Milk Act. R.S.O. 1990, c. H.7, s. 18 (1).

Obligation to pay toll
13.  (1) A toll and any related fee and interest payable under this Act for the operation of a vehicle on Highway 407 shall be paid to the owner by, (a) if a toll device is not affixed to the vehicle, the person in whose name the plate portion of the vehicle permit is issued; (b) if a toll device is affixed to the vehicle, the person to whom the toll device is registered. 1998, c. 28, s. 13 (1).

Tax payable by persons resident in Canada
 (1) An income tax shall be paid, as required by this Act, on the taxable income for each taxation year of every person resident in Canada at any time in the year.

Right to hunt and fish
1.  (1)  A person has a right to hunt and fish in accordance with the law. 2002, c. 10, s. 1 (1).

Court orders 
6. (1) A person is eligible to hold a licence only if the person is not prohibited by a prohibition order from possessing any firearm, cross-bow, prohibited weapon, restricted weapon, prohibited device or prohibited ammunition.

3. (1) No person shall, except as authorized under a licence, (a) fish;

Requirement for hunting or trapping licence
6.  (1)  Except under the authority of a licence and in accordance with the regulations, a person shall not hunt or trap,

97.  (1) A person who contravenes any provision of this Act or the regulations is guilty of an offence.

101. No person shall operate or permit another person to operate a pleasure craft unless (a) it is licensed by the Minister; (b) a copy of the licence is carried on board; and (c) the owner’s name and address on the licence are accurate.

3. (1) Subject to subsection (2), no person shall operate a pleasure craft unless the person (a) is competent to operate the pleasure craft in accordance with section 4; and (b) has proof of competency on board.

Etc. etc. etc… Persons, all of them. 

So, if we can establish that we are not a “person,” in any particular case, then for that case and that statutory act, with all its demands and restrictions, do not have jurisdiction over us. 

International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights states
"Everyone shall have the right to recognition everywhere as a person before the law.” Article 16

We were never told or taught that we don't have to be a “person" when or if we don’t want to be, or conversely, we can choose to be when we want. It’s our choice!

This international treat ratified (agreed to) by Canada is binding on Canada. This gives us the right to be a “person" before the law…or, the corollary of this is that we have the right to waive that “benefit" whenever we choose.

So choose already and assert that choice!! ...and especially so when in a court of law. All these demands and restrictions will then have no jurisdiction when we are not a “person."

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