May 7, 2012 - No Right to Wear a Mask?

No Right to Wear a Mask?

Conservatives back private members’ bill targeting masked protesters

"OTTAWA — The Harper government is throwing its weight behind a private members’ bill that would give police the power to arrest anyone hiding their identity during a riot or unlawful assembly…Graham Hughes/The Canadian Press

The abuse of our Human Rights is way out of hand and growing worse. 

"Persons" are not allowed to wear bullet proof vests, now no masks either. Soon baseball caps and facial hair? Granted, these are statutes which pertain only to those who are agents of the government or those who performa function of government. Unfortunately the police and the courts do not seem to be able to differentiate between those to whom these statutes apply and those against whom they do not. 

The Nuremberg trials upheld the obligation of soldiers and police to respect human rights over their orders. In other words, obeying orders is not a justifiable excuse for violating anyone's human rights.

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