Mar. 4, 2012 - NOT a Person

Not a Person

It seems to me that the evidence proving that the term 'person' does not include or refer to humans is overwhelming. Is it simple a matter of cognitive dissonance that Judges can't see it?

Here is another example: 

The words used in the French language version of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms assist this interpretation. ….In Section 24 where the English word is "anyone", "toute personne" is used in French. The meaning of "personne" as found in the Dictionnaire Juridigue Francais-Anglais (6th edition) is "person or artificial person, body corporate deemed fictitiously a natural person and permitted to go to law". 

The case law where this gem comes from is R. v. Big M. Drug Mart Ltd., 1983 ABCA 268 and it contains many others.

Assisting interpretation, the words "person" and "artificial person" are identified as synonymous and the term "natural person" is put into proper perspective as a body corporate.

The legal term "person" in all it forms still refers to the "mask," the lifeless front, a corporation, behind which a human actor or actors operate with limited liability.

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