Mar. 30, 2012 - Confused by Two Entities

Confused by Two Entities

When I was born into the "Doe" family, I was given and christened with the name "John David" (example names only).

My parents dutifully registered the birth of "John David" as a new member of the "Doe" family, with the government.

The government registrar dutifully did his job and in the process created a legal entity, or artificial person, named JOHN DAVID DOE (notice all the capital letters typical of government ID).  My parents received, for safe keeping, the Birth Certificate—printed by the Bank Note Company—the stock certificate to the newly created legal entity?

"What is like is not the same, for nothing similar is the same." a maxim of law

So, are there two entities—John David Doe and JOHN DAVID DOE? Is this a slight of hand trick meant to fool or confuse?

This is very important since we are obligated to obey our creator and we have two creators here—God and GOV. We are only obligated to one of these since we cannot serve the interests of both at once.

When we present government issued ID bearing the name JOHN DAVID DOE as evidence of our identity, are we not admitting to being their creation? Who then are we obligated to obey?

Are we clear in our mind who we are and who we are not?

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