Mar. 19, 2012 - Paperless Billing Dilemma

Paperless Billing Dilemma

Have you noticed or experienced the pressure coming from the various corporate utilities, banks, and service companies "offering" you paperless billing. Oh you can continue to receive the classic paper invoices, but now there is an additional "new" fee of X dollars (not part of our original contract by the way). To avoid the new "extra" charge you simply agree to allow them to email the invoice rather than post it to you as the classic paper version.

Let me re-phrase this… You can avoid their "new" fee if you will allow them to email the invoice to your private internet service which you pay for, using up a portion of the ISP bandwidth for which you also pay.

So they save traditional postage, handling, and printing costs and I get to pay for them to use of my private internet service and bandwidth.

Hello? Does it read STOOPID across my forehead? Am I a public ATM?

How answering them like this, "Sure you can send me the invoice, but since you will be using my private internet service for your commercial advantage, it is only fair that I charge you a fee-for-use of say a dollar more than your paper fee. If that is not to your satisfaction and you insist on the paper fee, may I suggest you simply not send me a paper invoice since I'm not willing to pay the added fee." (hint: no invoice—no payment due)

Invoicing the customer has always been the responsibility of the vendor don't let them make it your responsibility.

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