Mar. 1, 2012 - Human Rights Bravo Sierra

Human Rights Bravo Sierra
The preamble of the Ontario Human Rights Code shows Ontario's position on Human Rights:

WHEREAS recognition of the inherent dignity and the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world and is in accord with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as proclaimed by the United Nations; (in all cases emphasis is mine)

AND WHEREAS it is public policy in Ontario to recognize the dignity and worth of every person and to provide for equal rights and opportunities without discrimination that is contrary to law, and having as its aim the creation of a climate of understanding and mutual respect for the dignity and worth of each person so that each person feels a part of the community and able to contribute fully to the development and well-being of the community and the Province;

Read these very carefully. Notice in these two opening paragraphs of this  Code that Ontario recognizes that certain 'things' are in accord with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights but it is not saying that this is "public policy." 

The only "public policy" Ontario recognizes is related to "every person" and "person" is defined as:

“person” in addition to the extended meaning given it by Part VI (Interpretation) of the Legislation Act, 2006, includes an employment agency, an employers’ organization, an unincorporated association, a trade or occupational association, a trade union, a partnership, a municipality, a board of police commissioners established under thePolice Act, being chapter 381 of the Revised Statutes of Ontario, 1980, and a police services board established under the Police Services Act;

and in the Legistation Act, 2006:

“person” includes a corporation;

Per the statutory interpretation rule “ejusdem generis” there is no "human" in either of those definitions, just legal entities, agents of the government and those perform government created functions. Apart from the cliche "Human Rights" the term "human" is not used outside of that first paragraph. Ontario only recognizes the rights of "persons." Are humans in trouble?

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