June 15, 2012 - The Year

The Year

It has been a year since the thought came to set up this website. My purpose was to blog the things I was learning as I experienced our court legal system though the cases I chose to fight pro se. Two of those case are still in process. The third case ended when the individual for whom I was working, lost an appeal in court to an incompetent judge who ruled that a corporation was not a "person." This despite the statute definition which states, "person includes a corporation" which, if you've followed my blogs, you'll know means that in statute law the only meaning of "person" is a corporation. I digress... That individual elected not to pursue the issue any further than Osgoode Hall.

Although arguing our cases was considerably less costly than using a lawyer there were expenses for things such as transcripts ($800 for only one of the appeals), travel, notary fees, parking, supplies, postage, etc. As a matter of note, I've had a donation option on this website for most of this past year and have received no donations. Apparently no one has found this site and the research and information beneficial. 

While I can understand that not everyone has the time to fight their cases in court due work or family restrictions, it is to their advantage to help in some way those who do give their time and money to the fight.

If we do not assert our rights, we have none—so reads a maxim of law.

I'll be evaluating the future and the expenses of this site in the next while.

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