June 12, 2012 - Quasi Offences

Quasi Offences

QUASI OFFENCES, torts, civil law. Those acts which, although not committed by the persons responsible for them, are by implication of law supposed to have been committed by their command, by other persons for whom they are answerable. Bouvier's Law Dictionary

Read this a few times to get what it is saying. Reads like something out of the Psych. Manual—DSM-IV—under the heading of Dissociative Identity Disorder (formerly labeled Multiple Personality Disorder).

So, although you didn't commit the offence, you are charged because you are responsible for the 'person' who did commit the offence.

Violations of the Highway Traffic Act are classified as Quasi-criminal offences.

Do we need to get rid of this 'person' for who we are responsible? How do we do that in a way that the courts acknowledge?

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