Jan. 27, 2012 - The Odious Birth Certificate

The Odious Birth Certificate
The first thing created by the government after receiving the Statement of Birth from your parents was the Birth Certificate—printed by the Bank Note Company.

It's the first piece of government ID and the one you need to show to get a driver's licence, passport, and other forms of Government ID, all of which tie back to that Birth Certificate. It is evidence of citizenship. You are seen as being one of its citizens—as conveying ownership.

Does this Certificate then identify you as an agent of the government, subject to it's statutes, and therefore compellable by Parliament? In R. v. Dell, 2005 ABCA 246 we read:

"Buhaysupra, recognized two exceptions to the general rule that the Charter does not apply to interactions between private citizens. The first is when a private citizen acts as an agent of the state:...The second exception to the general rule that the Charter does not apply between private individuals occurs when a private person can be categorized as “part of government” because he or she is performing a specific government function…"

If this Certificate indeed identifies you as an agent or part of the government, as does any subsequent piece of "government ID for that matter, then the solution then would seem to be to return that Birth Certificate to the government. The Statement of Birth which identifies you as a human man or woman with inalienable rights, the unlimited capacity for sovereignty, and not compellable by Parliament would serve as your confirmation of identity.

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