Feb. 1, 2012 - Income and Profit or Wages?

Income and Profit or Wages?
I once was hired by a large corporation, but because of a temporary employment freeze I had to work through an employment agency for two months. This agency hired me for say 20 currency units as wages and rented my services to the corporation for $45/hr of income. 

Under this arrangement, the agency had $45/hr coming in (incoming or income). Of that $45/hr I received 20 currency units/hr leaving the agency with $25/hr of profit—for which it did nothing except act as a conduit for my energy, my labour.

My wages came as an exchange or barter—the agency and I traded every hour of my labour for 20 units of its currency. I did not profit by this since it was a value for value trade, 20 currency units worth of labour for 20 currency units.

Your application for a Social Insurance Number was a request to have the government create your own personal employment agency, a numbered corporation—we'll call it DUMMY—through which you will be employed. Since the government created it, DUMMY is its agent. Every time you show a piece of government ID you testify to acting in the capacity of an agent of the government—DUMMY—rather than in your private capacity as a living man or woman. 

Since you presented the employer with DUMMY'S number, the employer pays DUMMY for your labour. DUMMY does nothing except act as a conduit for you through which you work. You receive a portion of its income. Every year DUMMY is required to report its income, deducting the portion that was passed on to you as its business expense.

Stop working as a DUMMY!

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