December 21, 2012 - Newtown Tragedy

Newtown Tragedy

What happened at Sandy Hook school in Newtown, Connecticut was a horrible tragedy.

What do we learn from it?

This school represents a microcosm of a society having a gun-free policy. It seems too that of all the movie theatres the Batman shooter picked the only one with a “gun-free zone" posting. 

In every case it is these environments into which a criminal, possessing a gun, can do as he pleases, and everyone therein is a defenceless potential victim. Is that really what we want?

Criminals will always have guns—in total and unashamed disregard for law.

If the leaders of United States of America really believed that a gun ban scenario is the answer to peace and safety why is their military budget running wild? Why are they purchasing millions of rounds of hollow point ammo?

Being armed has always be a deterrent to those with criminal intent. And this is very likely the reason why political leaders are seeking to disarm the general public.

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