August 28, 2012 - What's a Name?

What's a Name?
Black's Law Dictionary 2nd edition reads:

NAME. The designation of an individual person, or of a firm or corporation. In law a man cannot have more than one Christian name.

If a man can have only one Christian name it stands to reason then that a corporation can have more than one given names.

corporate name.The registered name under which a corporation conducts legal affairs such as suing, being sued, and paying taxes; the name that a corporation files with a state authority (usu. the secretary of state) as the name under which the corporation will conduct its affairs. Black's Law Dictionary, 8th

Registering the name seems to come with a lot of legal baggage—legal (not to be confused with lawful) affairs, suing, being sued, and taxes. Registering is the only way to become a person.

Under the definition of "corporation" we read:

"An artificial person or being, endowed by law with the capacity of perpetual succession; consisting either of a single individual, (termed a "corporation sole,") or of a collection of several individuals, (which is termed a "corporation aggregate.")
"A corporation... for certain purposes, is considered a natural person.Black's Law Dictionary, 2nd

The government is a corporation, a legal entity. Anything registered with them is assumed also to be a legal entity or becomes one by the process of registration. Legal entities only have those rights, privileges, and obligations which are granted to it by the registering entitythe government. By registering your name/birth you are considered as one no longer having natural/human rights.

The solution to this deceptive event comes with knowledge and understanding, namely, that your natural/human rights are inalienable and therefore you have the right to choose if and when you are to be considered a person as pertains to legislative acts.

"He who does not assert his rights has none." a maxim of law.

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