Apr. 29, 2012 - Natural Law

Natural Law

I differentate between Natural Law and the Laws of Nature in that Natural Law governs the the relationships of people with people, while the Laws of Nature govern our relationship with nature.

NATURAL LAW. A rule of conduct arising out of the natural relations of human beings, established by the Creator, and existing prior to any positive precept. Webster. The foundation of this law is placed by the best writers in the will of God, discovered by right reason, and aided by divine revelation; and its principles, when applicable, apply with equal obligation to individuals and to nations. Black's Law Dictionary 2nd Ed

Natural Law is responsible for "supernaturally rewarding good and tearing down evil, utterly heedless of our human statutes, courts, or legislatures." The Search for Natural Law © 2002 by Frederick Graves, JD All Rights Reserved 

Being a higher authority than those forms of law familiar to us, Natural Law is immutable.

A few examples of natural law are principles such as: 

"You will reap what you sow" which basically and simply means that they way you treat others is the way you will eventually be treated. If you want to be treated justly then treat others justly. 

Another, similar to the other, is, "Treat others the way that you would like to be treated."

"It is in giving that you will receive" which, in contrast to the the ways of commerce, means that the way to prosper is but giving to others.

Many of these Natural Law are listed in the Bible's Matthew chapters 5 & 6 others were learned by the experiences of our parents and grandparents.

Natural Law, established by the creator, was instituted to govern the inter-relationships of humans. It pertains to humans, and not to corporations directly. I say directly because every corporation must have a human or humans who act as its voice. 

All humans, be they kings, judges, police officers, politicians, etc., are equally subject to natural law whether they like it, belief in it, approve of it or not.

Use what you read here as a part of your research to establish your understanding.
Your actions remain your responsibility.
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