Apr. 15, 2012 - Statute 'law'

Statute 'law'

The terms 'statute' and 'act' are interchangeable—synonymous.

STATUTE. The written will of the legislature...  4. Statutes are of several kinds; namely, Public or private. 1. Public statutes are those of which the judges will take notice without pleading; as, those which concern all officers in general; acts concerning trade in general or any specific trade; acts concerning all persons generally. 2. Private acts, are those of which the judges will not take notice without pleading; such as concern only a particular species, or person; as, acts relating to any particular place, or to several particular places, or to one or several particular counties. Bouvier's Law Dictionary

First, notice that statutes are not Law. They are merely the written will of legislators—other men and women—equals at best, servants in their elected capacity. 

Second, notice that for a judge to "take notice"private acts require a pleading… Public acts do not. When you enter a pleading are you considered as having agreed to being party to a private act or statute?

TO PLEAD. The formal entry of the defendant's defence on the record. In a popular sense, it signifies the argument in a cause, but it is not so used by the profession.

PLEADING, practice. The statement in a logical, and legal form, of the facts which constitute the plaintiff's cause of action, or the defendant's ground of defence; it is the formal mode of alleging that on the record, which would be the support, or the defence of the party in evidence.

If you refuse to plead, even the way they want, the court will enter a pleading for you—per Provincial Offences Act, section 45(5):

Refusal to plead 
(5)  Where the defendant refuses to plead or does not answer directly, the court shall enter a plea of not guilty.

Who gave them power of attorney? Does this not affirm that legislative statutes/acts are "private" being that the court must have a pleading before a judge can take notice? Is this rule voided if the pleading is before a justice of the peace rather than a judge

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