September 4, 2011 - Two Kinds of Entity

Two Kinds of Entities
As far as Law (not statutes) is concerned there is two kinds of entities over which they hold sway. By that I mean two types who can approach the courts seeking a ruling or justice. These to kinds are the individual and the corporation. I refrain from using any term that includes the word person since, in statutes, it can only apply to corporations (i.e. legislated entities). Any entity created by a legislated act is under the authority of legislature.

There is at least one judge, that I know of, who was not aware that corporations have personhood status. This is a shame since the only person known to statutes and legislative acts is the corporation. It is hard to get justice in his court.

When referring to humans I prefer the term individual, as it more clearly differentiates itself from the idea of a group, which is what corporations are usually comprised of. And besides, it's a term most often used by the higher courts.

As stated by the Supreme Court of Canada:

"The Parliament of Canada and the Legislatures of the several Provinces are sovereign within their sphere defined by The British North America Act, but none of them has the unlimited capacity of an individual." Page 33-34

Canada and the provinces are themselves only corporations traded on the US Securities and Exchange Commission (check the links). According to the Supreme Court even these corporations have limited sovereignty while, as individuals, our sovereignty is unlimited. 

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