September 20, 2011 - Elector

If you live in Ontario you have or will soon receive, in the mail, a Notice of Registration for a coming provincial election. When you have it take a close look at  the addressee.

For example it'll read something like:

When you carry the card to the polling station, are you the elector, carrying out the process on behalf of the JOHN DAVID DOE, a legal fiction, a straw man—an entity without arms, legs, or even an opinion? Perhaps you are JOHN DAVID DOE? If that is true can an elector take this card and enter a vote for you?

Does something smell a little rotten here? What's really going on? Perhaps you'll want to visit the representatives seeking election and insist they give you an explanation.

There is a number 1 888 668 8683 to call for additional information. Call them about this! 

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