September 16, 2011 - In Essence

In Essence
Is the statute against carrying one's bed of the Sabbath, referred to in the Gospels, any different, in principle than, driving without a seatbelt?

In these cases, who was harmed by either act?

"Use your own property and your own rights in such a way that you will not hurt your neighbor, nor prevent him from enjoying his." a maxim of law.

Are these then matters of justice or of control—and perhaps revenue?

Natural Law and Common Law provide remedy for an injury sustained. Statutes, written by corporations for corporations, are meant to control the activities of those entities or those individuals under their employ. 

Per Hague v. Cancer Relief & Research Institute, [1939]:

"A legal person is anything to which the law gives a legal or fictional existence or personality with capacity for rights and duties. The only legal person known to our form of law is the corporation, the body corporate."

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