September 1, 2011 - What are Statutes to Me?

What are Statutes to Me?
Think about this. One day we had the right to take a boat around a lake and the next day it's a privilege for which they tell us we need to purchase a licence. This change, this loss of a right, occurred without my consent—unless my silence in the matter is considered as my consent. Regardless of the mechanism, this has to be stopped otherwise we'll soon need a licence to drink water and even to breathe.

If my consent is not required then slavery has indeed been re-instituted in Canada.

This apparent loss of a right comes to us by way of a statute. So what is a statute and how does it apply to individuals?

Legislated rule of society which has been given the force of law by those it governs. Wiktionary.

"Given the force of law," by whom, by me or by those with guns? When did that happen? Perhaps it hasn't. When did we give that kind of authority to those elected and paid to serve me? Are we really the governed or were we simply programmed to think we are? Actually they get their authority to govern from us, and that authority can never be greater than what we have to give. A best they are our equal.

The power which is derived cannot be greater than that from which it is derived. a maxim of law

Where does my consent come to play in all this? How did I become a pawn—subject to the dictates of others. When did I lose my right of choice?

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