October 29, 2011 - Tired of Tyranny

Tired of Tyranny
I don't know about you, but I am getting fed up with Ontario's tyranny. They have a mandate to govern corporations but have slowly, over the years, been highjacking the rights of individuals.

Look back! Over the years they have taken one lawful right after another and converted it into a privilege which we must now purchase from them, often annually, otherwise we act illegally.

Traveling by car—wrongly referred to as "driving" which is defined as an act for which one is hired or paid (Black's Law Dictionary 1st - 4th editions)—or owning a pet, using a boat, fishing, hunting, certain types of work, etc… It's all about revenue and control, neither of which they are entitled to per section 92 of the Constitution Act of 1867

The latest involves the Gun Registry. 

Common sense tells most of us that the only individuals who will register their guns are those of least concern. Those with criminal intent will never do so. I suppose there are also those who will assert their rights and don't respond to that type of political scat. Anyway, when CANADA might finally scrap the registry, ONTARIO and some other provinces are threatening to create their own. 

No corporation, whether it be CANADA or one of the PROVINCES, has the lawful authority to force us to register (read "surrender title") our private property into their control. We voluntarily do so—hence the perpetual amnesty period. Once registered they have the legal (not lawful) right to walk in and take that property when it benefits them.

I think it's time that we, the people, consider a class action suit, in a Queen's Bench court, against those elected to govern our provincial corporation be it  ONTARIO one of the others.

Enough already!

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