Nov. 25, 2011 - Interests and Advantages

Interests and Advantages
Are those elected to represent our interests actually doing so or are they more interested in the interests of their corporate sponsors?

While politicians were elected by the people to manage the commercial interests of the nation for the benefit of the people, their actions seem to have degraded their role to that of managing the people for the advantage of various commercial interests.

It was never the intention of the British North American Act 1867, a.k.a. the Constitution Act 1867, to give government control over the activities of the people, rather it was to manage commerce and corporate activity. 

Government is not over the people, people are over the government.

Power which is derived can never be greater than that from which it is derived. a tried, true and established principle of law.

Government gets it's power to from the people therefore the power of the people is always greater!

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