Nov. 22, 2011 - Obligations

Corporations are a commercial entity, a thing owned by some people. We are familiar with corporations like of IBM, Apple, Walmart, Sears, etc . Corporations like these often have codes of conduct to which each employee ascribed as a condition of employment. 

I worked for a corporation that had a dress code to which each employee was required to ascribe as a condition of employment. Visitors or sales people were not expected to adhere to that dress code because they were not obligated to do so. The code did not pertain to them, only to those who had agreed to comply.

With that in mind let's give some thought to corporations like Ontario, the Municipality of Toronto, or whatever municipal corporation in which you have a domicile. What obligates us to comply with their 'codes,' or statutes—are we employees? Have we given explicit agreement to comply?

If you find yourself in court over an infraction or offence for a violation of a by-law or statute, ask for evidence of an obligation. I've not ever been successful in getting any evidence, probably because there is none, it's all an assumption.

It is now my resolve not to participate without the requested evidence. 

Think about it...

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