Nov. 20, 2011 - Their Goal?

Their Goal?

"This is the international law agreement between Greece and the Troika (European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund) directly from the Greek parliament. In one of the articles they say that if we are unable to repay the debts that they allowed them, unconditionally, the right to come here to Greece and confiscate everything.

"Our Parthenon, our Olympia, Delphi, our islands, the petroleum…anything.

"Greece has quit (given up) all of its national rights [sic] (given up its sovereignty) over all of its assets and all of its human beings. So, the human beings are equal, for them (international financiers), to our assets.Dr. Dimiris Antoniou

Human beings are simply another asset to them!

It doesn't just stop at Greece… Unless we stop it...

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