July 23, 2011 - What's in the Name

You know, having experienced a number of the levels of court in more than one city in Ontario, I am coming to the conclusion that "the rule of law" is not available to me. I've notified them of my intent to use a common law defence per section 80 of the Provincial Offences Act but is has no affect. Appeals have been denied simply because they do not represent an issue that would benefit the public—in their view.

I feel like I've been gang raped… When you think about it, it is a sad fact that gang rape is democracy in action.

I have given uncontested proof that the statutes of at least this province do not and cannot apply to me. 

That proof, coming from their own statutes, much of which is found written in the blog entries that precede this one, remains unaddressed by the Justices of the Peace and Judges to whom it was presented. By unaddressed I mean they simply do not mention it in their judgements.

Why is that? The question antagonizes me at every idle moment. Perhaps they are not permitted to go there, choosing instead to address those details which are associated with the alleged offences rather than the principles of law which govern the jurisdiction of those offences. In other words, if the statutes which detail the offences do pertain to the individual then the details associated with the offence are immaterial.

Well a thought came to me in the night. Common law only applies to humans. Too simple! Obviously I'm not humanat least not in their eyes. The only way that that can be possible is by way of the name that I give them—"Please state your name for the record." 

Why? Who owns the name? Nothing seems to make any difference after they have the name… Is it because that name was registered with them at birth and they thereafter have legal title to it? What name can I give so as to preserve my human rights?

Perhaps the only way to turn this around is to sue the individual doing business as the Lieutenant Governor in Council, or the like, for a breach of obligation to protect our human rights from the abuses of politicians. Ready for a class action suit anyone? 

Any thoughts or successes out there?

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