July 20, 2011 - Common Law Defence

Well, as a pro se, I've been to different provincial courts, and two levels of appeals court... so far. What is obvious is that in each, the judgements coming from the Honourable Justices of the Peace and Judges do not answer or even acknowledge a common law defence despite the inclusion of that defence in the Provincial Offences Act, under section 80. The blatant omission is so very obvious so as to suggest they are afraid to touch it. The next level is the Supreme Court of Canada...

Remember, we have these various levels of court because, sometimes, the lowers courts are wrong and it takes a high court to correct their error.

My interest is not in arguing the details of the offence but the principles of the law—such as the jurisdiction of the act, the province, or the municipality. Who says we are under these acts? Only the common law give opportunity to question this. Statutes assume they apply to us—and these courts, it seems, do as well.

Already reduced to slaves then

Any thoughts on getting them address a common law defence?

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