Dec. 2, 2011 - Valid Legislation?

Valid Legislation?
The BNA Act of 1867 awards to the federal government power in criminal matters and the Supreme Court of Canada held that the Firearms Act—and the long gun registry—is valid legislation.

Applying this Act against the rights of individuals this is wrong!

Let's see registration for what it really is…

How can an individual, with the unlimited capacity for sovereignty, be compelled (forced, or manipulated), to register (surrender), the title for private property to the control of some other person, i.e. a human or a corporation?

Once "registered" you are given the privilege of using the item—be it a firearm, a baby, or a motor vehicle—provided you behave and follow all their dictates. If you don't, you will have given them the right to re-possess that item, without any compensation.

Does the Court need some help to identify where the crime is in all this?

Next Blog, let's look at some key points of the Firearms Act/Criminal Code and see what it actually says...

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