August 4, 2011 - Public

Are you a member of the public?

PUBLIC. Pertaining to a state, nation, or whole community; proceeding from, relating to, or affecting the whole body of people or an entire community. Open to all; notorious. Common to all or many; general; open to common use… As a noun, the word "public" denotes the whole body politic, or the aggregate of the citizens of a state, district, or municipality. Black's 2nd. Ed. (emphasis mine in each case and following)

It is very important to notice that as a noun the term public represents a body politic and as such it is a corporation.

body politic. A group of people regarded in a political (rather than private) sense and organized under a common governmental authority. Black's 8th Ed.

I can't answer for you, but I have no interest in being under any governmental authority and cannot be—without my informed consent.

Power which is derived can never be greater than that from which it is derived. a maxim of law.

It is a fact that all levels of government derive (receive) its the power by which it operates from the people. The power it receives can never be greater than the power of the individuals instrumental in creating it. The best that the people can give is a power equal to their own. In that case government would be an equal and even in no position to dictate and make demands on us.

private, adj.1. Relating or belonging to an individual, as opposed to the public or the government. Black's 8th Ed.

Much better to be very clear when you are acting in your private capacity.

But can you drive in your private capacity?...

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