August 29, 2011 - Register This

Register This!
The term register is an interesting one that comes out of the practice of assigning or listing the contents of a ship onto the registry of the harbourmaster making him responsible for its safe keeping. In essence, the harbourmaster is given legal title to the goods on the ship while the ship’s captain maintains possession or equitable title to the goods. This was beneficial to the captain in that the harbourmaster was responsible to protect the goods while the ship was in his harbour.

When you register anything with the government you are granting them legal title to the thing while you maintain the beneficial use.

According to the Canadian Ownership and Control Determination Act:

"owned" means, subject to the regulations, beneficially owned, and the words "owner" and "ownership" have corresponding meanings;

This also transfers to them liability for the thing while it is being used. That gives them the authority to dictate issues such as insurance requirements, emissions testing, road worthiness, your qualifications for using the thing, days, times, or locations of use, etc., as may be the case with vehicles. What about the liability the government assumes for other registered things like our names, guns, your children, pets, corporations, businesses, churches, savings plans, etc... 

REGISTER, common law. The certificate of registry granted to the person or persons entitled thereto, by the collector of the district, comprehending the port to which any ship or vessel shall belong; more properly, the registry itself. Bouvier's Law Dictionary, 1856 Edition

Once the owner of the vessel registers the ship or vessel it belongs to the port to which it was registered. Remember that travel to other countries requires a passport. Do they consider you a vessel as well?

Do you really want to register anything with the government? You cannot be compelled (forced) to do so, but you may (will) be required to protect your rights to the thing, in the courts, from those pirates who wish to take it from you. At least make an informed choice when you register the thing

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