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Government guidelines insist that names should properly be styled with one CAPITAL letter such as John David Jones.  Who, or what then, are they referring to when they style our names in all CAPITAL letters as with JOHN DAVID JONES

Everything we receive from any branch of government is addressed to names styled as JOHN DAVID JONES. Why that improper style? If they are clear as which is properly our name, who's fault is it when we answer to an improper name?

Which one do you lawfully answer to, JOHN DAVID JONES or John David Jones?

If you don't know and act on the difference it is not their responsibility, it's yours! Knowledge is power! 

According to the Supreme Court of Canada we, as men/women, have an unlimited capacity for sovereignty as compared to the federal and provincial governments are which have a limited capacity and corporations which have no sovereignty. Let that truth affect your life!

As members of mankind we have UNALIENABLE (not lienable) RIGHTS. That means no one can take those rights without our consent. But they can presume that we have consented when, in our ignorance, we let them take these rights and remain silent about it.  Please, let it not stem from our ignorance—not after reading this. 

If we do not assert or stand up for our rights then we have none!

Our ignorance of Law, statutes, and our rights are the means by which others abuse our rights—simply because we do not know some basic principles of Law.

The first duty of a man is to think for himself. José Martí

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